If you’re interested in moving ahead with your catastrophic injury, wrongful death or medical negligence case, but you’d like to learn more about the Law Offices of Gross & Telisman, the resources on the following pages will help you get to know our team and familiarize you with the process of seeking our representation.

You can read through the contracts that we will ask you to fill out once you’re ready to be represented by the team at Gross & Telisman. Forms include Authority to Represent, Statement of Clients Rights, Liability Claim Summary, Release for Accident Request and Medical Authorization. All forms must be personally signed and mailed to our office in hard copy in order for them to be considered valid. All information is kept confidential and exclusively used for the development and execution of your case.

The news page provides up-to-date information about cases we are currently working on or have worked on and settled. You will also find articles about similar cases and related legislation throughout Miami and South Florida.

Or, read our blog for the latest insider updates at Gross & Telisman. Blog posts include business outlook, our thoughts on local legislation and updates about our charity, Neighbors Giving Thanks.