Vehicle Accidents

The term “vehicle” can be used to encompass any self-propelled or motor vehicle that is used to transport a person or product on public roadways, including private automobiles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, scooters and tractors. In some states, including the state of Florida, bicycles and similar mechanical devices are also considered vehicles.

If you’ve been in an accident with any of these types of vehicles, the driver or operator of the vehicle may be found negligent and held civilly liable for the extent and costs of your injuries; furthermore, if it is deemed that the driver was acting illegally (such as drunk driving during vehicle operation), said driver may also be held criminally accountable. Gross & Telisman will work hard to demonstrate the fault of the driver/operator in order to help you redeem personal or proprietorial compensation.

If you were injured while operating a self-propelled or motor vehicle, the vehicle’s manufacturer or repair shop may also be held liable for your injuries and the medical costs incurred. Bringing negligent manufacturers to justice will not only potentially benefit you as a victim, but successful court cases may improve statistics to help create operational laws and safety regulations that will further prevent vehicle accidents.

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