Boating Accidents

All water vessels, from luxury yachts to self-propelled recreational crafts, are subject to the same U.S. laws regulating boating accidents. Boating accidents are very similar to auto accidents or vehicle accidents, but they are governed by their own domestic, state-issued regulations (except in instances where state laws conflict with applicable federal laws, in which case federal law supersedes). In the event of a boating accident, the operators/sailors are expected to stay on the scene, contact authorities (which may include the U.S. Coast Guard) and exchange information for insurance purposes. Photos and witness information may be important data when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

All of the data collected at the scene of a boating accident can be used to prove negligence, which is a necessary factor in a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence may be a hazardous act (such as drinking while operating a boat) or omission (such as failure to properly signal). In either case, negligence must not only be provable, but also proved as causal for your personal injury.

Boating accidents may result in damage to the boat as well as personal injury to those on board. Medical costs, property damage and other loss or injury may factor into a boating accident lawsuit. Additionally, if a boating accident occurs due to an operational defect, manufacturers rather than operators may be at fault. To attain a full, fair settlement with insurers or to claim damages in a court of law, it is necessary to retain a qualified boating accident lawyer. Boating accident attorneys who are experienced with maritime law and state regulating committees will be best equipped to handle your case and achieve the highest possible compensation for all facets of your suffering and loss.

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If you have been injured in a boating accident involving a cruise liner or another form of common carrier, especially in foreign waters, please refer to the maritime/cruise ship accident page. If a water-related wrongful death results from a boating accident, you may also reference drowning accidents.