18-Wheeler Accidents

Several factors may lead to a highly dangerous 18-wheeler truck collision. Most of the time, these collisions occur when the driver of the large truck is speeding, or otherwise practicing irresponsible operation. Sometimes accidents are due to the truck’s malfunctioning brakes, tires, transmissions or engine parts. Other factors include the deregulation of the trucking industry and the extreme pressure for fast and oversized deliveries (which may lead to high-speed, sleep-deprived driving). Rarely is a collision between a pedestrian or passenger vehicle not the fault of the truck and its driver.

Despite these facts, unfortunately it is the pedestrians and small vehicle drivers and passengers who make up 98% of all 18-wheeler accident fatalities. And because of the size and weight of plus-sized rigged or non-rigged truck vehicles, catastrophic accidents and wrongful deaths are common results of any 18-wheeler accident.

Survivors of 18-wheeler accidents may find themselves overwhelmed by the complicated process of dealing with trucking companies and their insurers. It is especially difficult to navigate the process when you or a loved one has been significantly injured, and must concurrently cope with residual medical expenses and lifestyle adjustments.

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