Personal Injuries

A personal injury case is one in which a person was injured in a provable way by a second party through a negligent act or omission; personal injury also includes wrongful death. A personal injury case may be made by the accident victim or by a spouse or family member who has been affected by the victim’s injuries. If irresponsible or negligent behaviour can be determined, you may be able to sue for damages from the parties responsible, their claims adjustors or insurers.

The South Florida personal injury lawyers at Gross & Telisman work together with highly experienced field specialists to evaluate liability and execute efficient, aggressive cases on our clients’ behalf all while providing you with support and understanding in your time of need.

Common personal injury cases fall under the heading of an auto accident or vehicle accident (such as head-on collisions, rollover accidents, t-bone and rear-end accidents, drunk driving accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, cell phone accidents, tire blowouts, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents).

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