Nursing Home Abuse

Although each state has its own regulations for nursing home practice, and there is a set level of care for which any care-giving institute is legally responsible, nursing home abuse is an unfortunate and dire epidemic in the United States. It is all too easy for seemingly reputable nursing homes to employ negligent caregivers or allow harmful treatment of the sick and elderly. By investigating all potential instances of nursing home abuse and holding person(s) or institution(s) liable in a court of law, victims and their families may be able to prevent or reduce instances of nursing home abuse.

In a nursing home abuse personal injury case, it must be provable that actions taken were negligent. Qualifiers may include an act of abuse (such as assault), but it may also be defined as a lack of care (negligence). Nursing homes have an explicit duty to provide a level of care to the best of their ability and within reason to their residents. If this standard of care is not met, then you may be able to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

In order to ensure that you and your loved ones are given ultimate legal redress in a timely manner, it is important that you contact a qualified nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. For a free preliminary conversation about your potential nursing home abuse lawsuit, please contact Gross & Telisman at your earliest convenience. We will assess your case for potential damages, and explain the process of filing a lawsuit. We hope to not only help you receive compensation for your suffering and loss, but to hold faulty parties accountable and prevent further occurrences of nursing home abuse.