Maritime/Cruise Ship Accidents

Maritime or cruise ship accidents are different than private boating accidents because they often occur in open waters (more than three miles from a coastal territory) and are most often regulated by federal officials (as opposed to state-regulated boating accidents).

Maritime accidents commonly occur on pleasure liners or cruise ships, which means that premise liability, foreign maritime law and irregular insurance conditions may apply. In this case, liability may vary according to the terms and conditions that a passenger agrees to upon boarding the ship. For accidents which take place outside of the ship, liability conditions may vary. In most cases, cruise lines are not responsible for your well-being during off-shore excursions, unless you remain on company-owned property. However, when you are being transported onto and off of a cruise liner, cruise ship companies are most often liable for your boarding and de-boarding safety.

Because maritime accidents are extremely complex and involve many variant factors, it is necessary to contact a lawyer who is experienced with maritime and cruise accidents.

The South Florida personal injury attorneys at Gross & Telisman who work with a team of lawyers are highly experienced in all aspects of maritime law. For a complimentary and confidential conversation about your prospective maritime lawsuit or cruise ship accident claim, please Contact Us.

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