Drowning Accidents

Drowning accidents may occur as swimming accidents, boating accidents, or as an extension of premise liability (when in regard to unfenced pool areas). According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning accidents caused 3,582 deaths in 2005 (which is roughly 10 fatalities per day). Drowning accidents are the fourth highest cause for accidental death in the nation, the second highest factor of accidental deaths in children ages 1-14, and responsible for 30% of infant deaths.

Due to its unique geographic traits, Florida is subject to higher drowning accident wrongful death occurrences than many other U.S. states. Florida drowning accidents more than double the national average in child-related drowning fatalities.

Because drowning accidents are especially prevalent in children, it is common for damages to be awarded in consideration of the many extra years they will be living with their injuries and require medical care. If a spouse or family provider is unfit to return to work, compensation may incorporate lost wages, loss of consortium and quality of life. In some states, emotional distress may also be a plausible factor in a court evaluation or settlement. However, many other factors must be taken into consideration when evaluating the level of damages you can expect from your unique drowning accident lawsuit. That’s why you need a team of experts to help you develop a solid case against the parties at fault, and pursue the level of legal retribution that is owed.

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