Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts can occur when a tire is shoddily made and cannot withstand the heat and pressure of regular vehicle usage. Over-inflation and under-inflation may also lead to the blowout of poorly constructed tires. Tire blowouts are often associated with roll-over accidents, which are the most fatal kind of car accidents. A 1998 NHSTA study concludes that approximately 23,464 auto accidents (0.5% of all car accidents) are caused by tire blowouts each year.

If you have been injured by an automobile accident as the result of a tire blowout and you believe that this was the fault of its manufacturer, retailer or installer, the vehicle accident attorneys at Gross & Telisman may be able to provide legal advice or file an automobile accident claim on your behalf. We will aim to recompense all lost property, wages and medical expenses on your behalf by proving negligence and fault.

Contact us with the details of your tire blowout accident to learn how we can help you reclaim lost finances and put your life back in motion.